No-Sand Beach Blanket

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Ah...yes we know. What is the worst thing about laying on the beach? The beach itself or better said: the sand. We hand-picked this magic towel to make sure you enjoy the beach without the typical beach annoyances. The sand will literally fall right through the blanket.
  • Never worry about sand getting in your bag or car when packing up.
  • Convenient carry bag and anchors help you go where you want to go and stop your towel from moving around.
  • Use on all your island adventures: trips to the beach or camping out and attending festivals—useful anywhere.
  • Durable and lightweight material makes it easy to carry with you, just in case.
  • Family-friendly—no worries about the kids kicking sand all over your beach blanket anymore.
  • What's included: 1x blanket, 4x durable ABS anchors
  • Dimensions:
    size #1: 57” x 79” (150 x 200cm)
    size #2: 79”x 79” (200 x 200cm)
  • Weight: 16oz. (490g)
  • Material: advanced polyester fiber
  • Good to know: apply anchors/herrings with shoe or bottle
  • Cleaning: rinse with water and/or soft brush

Offer ends in

  • Pink
  • Blue
  • Green
  • 57" x 79" / 150 x 200cm
  • 79" x 79" / 200 x 200cm
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Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews

I don't usually review products, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I have been looking for a sand free mat for awhile and there are lots of expensive ones out there with mixed reviews. This one had only a few reviews so I was skeptical, but for under $20 I took a chance and ordered it anyway. I have used it at the beach 3 times now and am still very happy with it. Prior to having this mat, I would sit on a beach towel and it would end up getting annoyingly sandy within minutes of being at the beach. Now, I still bring a beach towel and use it on top of the mat for comfort, but my towel stays clean!

- Dry sand falls through automatically and very little comes back up
- Wet sand falls through and stays away with the brush of a hand
- You can rub the mat against sandy limbs to clean them
- Pretty large - big enough for a family of 3-4
- Mat itself stays very clean (Sand doesn't get trapped inside the layers after use)
- Will let a little sand back through if the sand underneath it is not flat (seems to work best on level sand)
- Mesh is not super comfortable to sit directly on (bring a towel to use on top)

I'm very happy with this mat and won't go the beach without it now.


was looking for something not too expensive for beach activities with my kids. When putting this in front of my sport tent, it never gathered sands from kids’ wet sandy feet. Kids could sit on top of it with their wet sandy swimsuit to eat and then went back to play on sand. The holes on the mat are big enough to release the sands to the ground. On the other way, when pushing harder, the sands will show up on the mat and then go away. But, if really cared about the sands come up, folded it becoming double layers mat and the sand will never come back. I also think it would be a good idea to put this outside a tent when camping. But, not suggest this to any wet floor/grass. It can’t stop your pants getting wet.


I love the beach and always wanted to spend the day laying on the beach without getting sandy. This helps with that. I don't have to keep brushing sand off of me, my things or the blanket. You know how you usually leave your bag on the sand because you dont want to get your blanket dirty. No need to with this.
Cons: If you press to hard sand will come up. Next beach time I'll place my old beach mat underneath to stop sand from coming up.
Pros: Sand goes through quickly! Which is exactly why I bought it! I got the 79x79 and it's huge! We're a family of 3, our slippers, 2 beach chairs and 4 bags of food and snacks fit comfortably.
We got ketchup on it, it washed off easily. When it was time to go home, it was easy to shake off any excess sand and fold it right back up in the carry bag, whuch was great because sometimes carry bags are too small for the items.


sand just comes up through the mat when you sit on it... it's easy to get the sand off when ready to leave but it will not prevent you from getting sandy yourself.

This mesh mat is great if you're looking for something that won't bring sand with you back from the beach. It just won't prevent sand from getting on you while sitting on it.


So the mat isn’t “Sandless” as advertised, but it does help keep a lot of the sand away and it’s so easy to knock the sand off that I’m generally satisfied with the product and would recommend if you want a reduction in the amount of sand on you when you’re at the beach. The mat itself is a double mesh layer to let sand easily shake through. It is good for laying down & placing your towels/ bags on top. Is it sandless? No. Is it helpful? Absolutely!

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No-Sand Beach Blanket

$19.95 $25.00 ( / )
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