Portable electronic luggage scale

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Love shopping while you travel? We do too! But with all that extra load, it’s hard to tell if you’re still under airline weight limits. This handy portable luggage scale lets you weigh your luggage wherever you are! Never worry about overloading on curios again.
  • Easily check the weight of your luggage before heading to the airport and avoid the stress of excess baggage fees.
  • Compact and lightweight design lets you take it on vacation to make sure your shopping will still fit in the weight limit.
  • Large LCD display makes it easy to read and the data hold function ensure you never forget the weight of your bag.
  • Switch between pounds or kilogram.
  • Capacity up to 110lbs (50kg)
  • Automatically turns off when not in use after 60sec.
  • What's included: 1 luggage scale + 1 x 3v (2032) battery
  • Dimensions:
    scale: 5.1’’ x 1.14” (12.5 x 3cm)
    strap: 8.85’’ (22.5cm)
  • Capacity: 110lbs (50kg)
  • Weight: 4.4oz. (125g)
  • Material: plastic strong strap
  • Good to know: 60s auto off & lcd screen with green background, accurate within .02lbs (10g)

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Awesome little thing

Good stuff, great to use!


These are great! I purchased this set as a gift for friends travelling after I bought my own set for overseas travel. I love that fact that you get two. I keep one at home and pack one in our luggage for the trip. We have let other friends borrow ours too. The most satisfying part of this purchased occurred at the airport in Europe as my wife and I watched other people unpacking and redistributing items in the luggage at the check-in counter trying to get their bags to be accepted. It removed a lot of anxiety and gives you confidence knowing that your bags are fine. We recently traveled overseas to replenish items to friends who had moved abroad, so we were traveling with maximum capacity in all allowable bags - checked and carry-on. Having these scales allowed us to balance the load. The weight of certain items can be very deceiving, and these scales allowed us to more things around as needed for weight and "padding" of items. Three recommendations: 1) Don't pack bags right to the weight limit. We aimed to be at least a pound (0.5 kilo) below for each bag. Believe it or not, the humidity of the day you travel can affect the weight of your bags (or a miscalibrated scale at the airport check-in desk). 2) I insert a small piece of paper into the battery slot between the battery and the contact when packing the scale so that it does not inadvertently turn ON inside your luggage. 3) Keep the scale in your carry-on rather than a check-ed bag so that it is available at all times and right up to the check-in counter.


As we all know, suitcases obey the Weight-Growth Law of Fundynamics: The more fun you've had, the heavier your bag gets! The time you really want to know your bag isn't overweight is on the way home, when you have fewer options what to do with your cherished memories, or your decorative shot-glasses (don't you judge me).

Anyway, this scale does what it says and works fine. The one clumsy part is that for it to work best, you can't just hook it on like with other scales. You need to wrap its small strap through a suitcase handle then back up to the scale, where it attaches with a hook. I feel like a simple hook would have been smaller and easier to use, but it works fine. Good price for what you get.


I love the strap for the connection to the handle on the suitcase. It is much more secure than just a hook. I took it out of the package and it worked great from the first time I used it. It does come with simple instructions that were helpful.


These were slow to be shipped but once shipped they arrived quickly. Easy to figure out how to use them. The first one was used twice a day, with good results. Sometimes a little fussy to tare the weight, but you could reset easily enough. Worked well

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Portable electronic luggage scale

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